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Gender Analysis of Organic Cacao
Poverty Reduction & Gender Equity
Refugees and Displaced persons

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Belize Guatemala Project

This project will have a significant impact in the target communities and community development. This will be measured by the following project milestones:

  • Leaders from 18 communities members of REDAZCO (Red de Amigos de la Zona de Cooperacion/Network of Friends of the Cooperation Zone) through a self-formulated work plan will increase citizens participation and will work together to bring peace, development and equity in the area. They will also improve capacities in lobbying and advocacy of REDAZCO or the Network.
  • Improvement of incomes of the target population (men and women) through diversification of sustainable productive activities and access to markets. During this phase, it is expected that the productive initiatives will ensure a stable production during the following years.
  • Improved cooperation between communities in the adjacency zone and government (technical assistance provided by the Ministry of Agriculture of Guatemala and cooperation from the Belize Ministry of Agriculture), fostered through capacity building of community leaders in lobbying, advocacy and negotiation.
  • Increased awareness of indigenous population on rights of indigenous women and the importance of women’s participation within areas of negotiation and community advocacy.

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