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Belize Guatemala Project Poverty Reduction & Gender Equity in Rural Toledo Project

To contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and reduce poverty in the Toledo District through the provision of services in the areas of education, health, productive activities, and community development, with a focus on gender equity.


Reduce the number of people living in vulnerable conditions in the Toledo District.


  1. Increased honey production through improved management practices.
  2. Increased access to credit services by women for the establishment of small businesses.
  3. Identified roles and responsibilities of women and men in the agricultural sector.
  4. Improved project management practices through monitoring and evaluation.


The goal of this initiative is to contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and to reduce poverty in the Toledo District (58.44% indigence; literacy rate 62.18% NPESAP 2006) through the provision of services in the areas of health (eye care and rehabilitation), education (intercultural), good governance and advocacy; also including agricultural and other productive activities and community development. This initiative will also address pressing issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender equity, human rights and the environment. This will be done as a matter of course and with some issues, in partnership with other organizations.

The project seeks to address the following objectives of the Civil Society Fund:

Strengthening of the voice of civil society organisations so they can influence policy, both at local and national levels, for the promotion of sustainable development and the improvement of livelihood security. The Society for the Promotion of Education and Research will address this objective through training in advocacy and good governance; and community mobilization. Tumul’Kin for its part will also deal with this issue when imparting knowledge to students on the subject of “How we are governed” and in civics lessons. BCVI and HfP to some degree also touch on this subject area.

Support for communities to participate in development at local and national levels. The Consortium will undertake tasks to strengthen communities to further integrate and participate in the development process through sight restoration, training, advocacy, education and socio-economic activities.
Support for communities to gain access to resources for local development and the improvement of essential services. The Consortium will provide adequate training, income generating activities; provision of small and large livestock, cacao plants and beekeeping equipment for honey production. A Rice Pearler and Huller machine will be procured to improve the quality of rice for marketing and thus increase prices for rice farmers in three communities.
Support for communities and organizations to respond effectively to the HIV pandemic through programmes of prevention, care and support. The Consortium will partner with the many organizations addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic to disseminate information about interventions, preventions and services available.
Support for communities to realize their human rights, especially those of women and children. This will be done through training, awareness creation and advocacy, also by accessing support from organizations working in this area.

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