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Refugees and Displaced Persons

  1. All refugees and displaced persons seeking asylum in Belize have access to protection and support through national policy and practice that is consistent with UN standards.
  2. Belizeans develop a positive view of rights in general and the rights of refugees and displaced persons in particular.


  1. A mechanism for refugee status determination (RSD) is effectively implemented. (3 years)
  2. Due process is available to all those who present themselves for refugee status/asylum (as per the 1991Refugee Act).
  3. Victims of human trafficking (especially minors and women), gang violence and domestic violence receive the same protection as refugees.
  4. Individuals who present themselves for asylum are reported to Help for Progress for support and assistance (before deportation or other actions).


  1. A system is in place at entry points to identify and process claimants.
  2. Workers and residents at all points of entry are sensitized to the needs and rights of refugees and displaced persons.
  3. A group of lawyers are willing to represent claimants for free or minimal cost.
  4. At least two community groups are part of ARM (Association for the Rights of the Migrant)

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